How do I know what I will like without trying them first?

Buying scent online can be risky, which is why we have created the discovery set. This includes mini rollers of each Essential Oil Roller Perfume. This way you can try before committing to a 10ml roller. 

Does natural perfume last as long as synthetic perfume?

This all depends on the concentration and botanical ingredients used. Some perfumes use more base notes which tend to last longer on the skin. Wild Earth are currently in the process of creating a 100% natural sugar cane alcohol based extrait de parfum. This type of perfume lasts a lot longer on the skin, without using potentially toxic synthetic ingredients. In saying this, natural perfumes tend to wear closer to the skin than synthetic perfumes.

Are essential oil perfumes safe to wear during pregnancy?

Some essential oils can be harmful in pregnancy (especially first and second trimester). Discuss the use of essential oils with your midwife/doula/practitioner.

Why should I make the change from synthetic perfumes to natural perfumes?

There is more and more information becoming available on the potential toxic effects of the ingredients used in synthetic perfumes. Natural perfumes are very special in the fact the all the ingredients have been derived from nature, making them safer to wear, safer for the environment. I believe people are becoming more conscious of what goes in and on their bodies. You can be sure that everything that is in our perfumes will be disclosed to you. Nothing to hide!