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There is a beauty in nature 
In this divine Wild Earth 
All of the elements contribute 
We must appreciate its worth. 
The plants provide an invisible message 
That we can hear through scent 
Every flower has something to say 
So we must listen with intent. 

Hello, and welcome to Wild Earth Natural Perfume! My name is Nelly and I live on the beautiful sunny East Coast of New Zealand. I hand make all the perfume and aromatherapy products you see here, with botanical ingredients that are sourced locally and globally. Everything is made in small batches and lovingly hand blended, bottled, labelled and packaged by me.

After the birth of my son, I became overwhelmed by the smells of big brand synthetic perfumes and didn't feel comfortable wearing them around my newborn child. They almost felt suffocating. I have always loved scent and wearing perfume could change my moods almost instantly. But the more I learned about the potential toxic effects of synthetic fragrances, the more I knew I needed to find an alternative. This sparked a passion in me that I never knew existed. Creating Wild Earth has not only been to provide a safer, natural alternative to perfume, but also as a creative outlet for me. I fell in love with the poetic side of natural fragrance (the above is a very AMATUER poem I wrote..) and the history of natural perfumery, I have found is incredibly interesting and beautiful. I feel this history has been forgotten with the rise of large corporations, and I wanted to bring back the ancient art of perfumery.

I believe natural perfume is a personal thing. A perfume made from natural ingredients doesn't last on your skin like synthetic perfume does... You won't walk into a room and envelope everyone else in your cloud of man-made chemicals. However it will unfold magically on your skin, exposing each note as it blends with your own skin chemistry.
You will know and feel that you are putting something on your skin that is good for your body, the environment, your soul and your babies. 

Love Nelly xx